Blue-Top Steering Gears, Inc.

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Ordering Information For Steering Gears

When ordering a steering gear we usually ask for a part number off the steering gear.  Usually the part number we need is a stamped number.

The housings on all gears will have a cast number that will determine what series the gear is.  Once we know the series and brand we can tell you where to find the stamped ID number.  

TRW/ROSS Pt. # TAS65024 example.   This gear will have casting number TAS652292.  The stamped number will be on the opposite side of the input shaft. The number will be on a 1.5' x 2.5' flat machined surface. Two rows of numbers will be here.  The top number will be the ID number.  This will show TAS65024.

 Sheppard Steering Gears will have a stamped number by one side of the sector shaft on a flat surface. Example of Sheppard part number would be M-100 (cast #) and PCL1 (stamped).