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2759 72-77 Ford Bronco Saginaw Steering Gear


Part # 2759  Fits 1972-1977 Ford Bronco with Saginaw power steering gear.  

ONLY 3-1/2 turn and 6 turn available currently. Please note the amount of turns you want when placing order. 

OEM remanufactured steering gear. Remanufactured with special fit over-sized ball bearings, new needle bearings/bushings and OE style seals.  Bench tested for leaks, play, and power balance.

This steering gear came with either a 4-turn or a 6-turn assembly. We also have this available in a 3-1/4 ratio which is a nice ratio compared to the 6 turn.  This must be noted when purchasing so we send correct ratio to you.

Returned cores are carefully inspected for damaged parts. Beings these are a very rare gear box to find with no parts available, an unusable output shaft, input shaft or housing will result in no core credit.

Price $375

Core $500

Shipping $70 (Lower 48 states only)  (Estimated price. Remaining balance after shipping is refunded)

How many turns is your steering gear lock to lock? 4 or 6 turns? Please note if you want 6 turn or 3-1/2 turn.

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