Blue-Top Steering Gears, Inc.

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About Us

About Blue-Top and Our Process

Blue-Top Steering Gears Inc. is located in the little town of Stanton, North Dakota. We specialize in the re-manufacturing of steering gears, control valves, and steering cylinders for cars, pickups, and semi trucks.  It doesn't matter if its power or manual, old or new, we can do it and we stand by our work and take our time putting the product together and ensuring that it works properly. Customer service is our #1 priority!


The name "Blue-Top" is for the top cover of the gear that we paint blue for our trademark.  Custom Gears can be painted any color or left as they originally were with a cast housing and shiny aluminum top cover.


This is our ten-step re-manufacturing process and a little bit about how we do our job.

The re-manufacturing process works like this:

1. Gear is disassembled and wear parts are disposed.

2. All parts are cleaned in earth-friendly solvent and then washed in a hot water parts washer.

3. All parts are dried and the housing is painted.

4. Sector shaft is Magna-Fluxed for cracks and tested/machined on the lathe to check for bends and for pitting.

5. Reassembly starts with all new seals and over-sized ball bearings to take out play in the worm and piston assembly.

6. Gear is fully assembled and the fine adjustments take place.

7. The finished gear is tested up to 1200 PSI for leaks and tested at 400 PSI for power balance.

8. Gear is checked over again for play and finishing adjustment.

9. The gear is drained of fluid from testing by means of air pressure.

10. The Blue-Top Steering Gear is finished and ready for the customer.